Insomnia Home Remedies

Insomnia, or sleep disorder as in normal parlance, is a very common phenomenon being witnessed during the current times. Sleep is very important for human beings and it plays a pivotal role in carrying out our daily activities. Sleep properly during the night rests our brain and helps us in getting up refreshed for the day’s activities.

Insomnia Home RemediesThe amount of sleep required varies from person to person and also on the age of the individual. But still, the normal sleep duration of 7 – 8 hours a day is considered the benchmark for a healthy adult human being. You might often encounter sleepless nights due to one reason or the other. This is a momentary thing due to some particular reason and you would again find yourself sleeping through the night properly. However, sometime these sleepless nights become a regular feature and you find yourself deprived of the priceless sleep. This results in your becoming irritable and not being able to do your daily tasks as desired from you.

Sleep disorders can be checked by bringing in suitable changes to your daily activities. But when you do not find your sleep coming back even then, you then find yourself at the doctor’s place. Usually you would get the sleep back once you start taking the medications/sedatives. But what you must bear in mind is the fact that these medications are not bringing back your sleep in the natural way. They are instead forcing your brain to decrease its activities when the pills are popped and induce sleep in you. Also, it is very hard to get yourself out of the medication cycle as they have long-lasting side effects. And even if you are able to stop the medication, you might find your sleep fading away again.

So, dear friends, if you are suffering from any kind of sleep disorder(s), it would be beneficial for you to first try the following home remedies to get back your sleep instead of straightaway heading for the doctor’s and getting yourselves embroiled in their after effects.

  1. And we start with your bedroom and the bed. The National Sleep Foundation has highlighted, and too in bold text, that your bedroom should be dark, quiet and comfortable while sleeping. The room temperature should be below the outside temperature in the summers, while it should be above the outside temperature in the winters.
  2. Your bed and the pillows should not be too hard or too soft.
  3. There should be no television present in your bedroom.
  4. Insomnia Home Remedies bedroom tipsAlways stick to your sleep – wake schedule. Wake up at your pre-determined or daily time even on days where you might have had been involved in late nights. Do not try to compensate for the late night by getting up late.
  5. Never, never take or depend on alcohol for inducing sleep or as a stress buster. Alcohol has an easy potential for abuse and hence you should not use it as an aid to bring in your sleep. It will do more harm than good.
  6. This one comes straight from the books of the practitioners of naturopathy. Take a hot soaking bath with one to two cups of Epsom salts to the bathing water before going to bed.
  7. Make sure you finish your meals at least one and half hours before your bedtime.
  8. However, if you are the lucky one to be having a sweet tooth, mmmhhh… then having some sugary recipe before hitting the bed. This will act as a natural sedative and put you to some deep and sweet sleep minus the morning fuzziness which the synthetic sleeping pills bring in.
  9. As an add-on to the above remedy, you can also try having mixed a tablespoon of honey with some decaffeinated tea or warm milk.
  10. Having a glass of warm milk before going to bed is also an age – old treatment for a good sleep. I remember my Granny giving it to us as kids too, so that we don’t disturb their sleep!

Some other remedies from my Granny’s stable are: eating two – three cups of curd daily. Having warm milk mixed with cinnamon (a treat during the winters, I swear upon it, really). Having raw onion salad with your meals. Having a tablespoon of celery leaves with stalks mixed with a tablespoon of honey.

  1. Some herbs like Valerian, which is used extensively throughout Europe at a staple medicinal herb to cure sleep disorders, is also a good option. In fact studies have proved that this wonder herb upon consumption by humans binds itself to the same receptors in the brain that tranquilizers such as Diazepam bind to. It is readily available in capsule form for you to use.
  2. Insomnia Home Remedies Food DietDried passion flower, too available in capsule form, is also widely used as a mild herbal sedative.
  3.  Aroma therapy has also gained huge popularity and acceptance with good result in curing insomnia.
  4. Lavender oil is a mild tranquilizer. You have to just bad some oil onto your temple and forehead and the aroma will bring in sleep and dreams too.
  5. You can also try Jasmine oil. Just rub some of it on your wrists before going to bed and the goodness will be felt yourself instantly.
  6. You can even add some drops of the lavender oil to your warm bathing water and enjoy the aroma bath too!
  7. Acupressure, which is used in the healing of chronic pain, can also be used to treat insomnia, with good results.

Besides the above remedies, simple changes to your daily lifestyle like to take up some light jog or a brisk walk and light exercise daily; not to stay in the bed when you feel the sleep isn’t there (and that includes bypassing your sleep time too); reading a book which you like or listening to some soothing music; staying active throughout the day and things like these can definitely reverse your sleep disorder and you soon would be finding yourself sleeping the full very soon; and too without any side effects.

My sincere wishes are with you for the same. but at the same time I would also give you just a bit of caution. While you are trying these home remedies, just make sure you have a positive attitude for the same. Like, if you go with aromatherapy, take it positively in your mind; make your mind determined and think that this therapy is gonna cure you of the sleep disorder and no one and nothing can stop you from getting your cherished sleep back. Then, my friends, these therapies would definitely work wonder for you. If you start questioning the efficacy of the therapies / remedies, then your body and mind will also not take them positively and you may soon find saying to yourself that man I shouldn’t have wasted time on these therapies and instead went to some doctor and popped the pills.

So, be positive and see it for yourselves.

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